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Mental Mechanics FC FIFA 20 World Cup event

Our first online event is here! Mental Mechanics will be hosting a Fifa competition using the format of the world cup. The winner of the competition will receive £300 with second place winning £50. If you would like to enter the event you will need to have a PS4, Fifa 20 and the entry cost to the tournament is £20. At the beginning of the competition, you will be assigned a group and a random international team that played in the previous world cup. This will be done via Facebook live with Fin Anderson doing a pre-match ball draw. We then hope to broadcast the semi-finals and final for everyone to watch. If you would like to get involved you can message the Mental Mechanic's Facebook page or via the contact form on the website, where we can sort out payment and enter you into the draw. The tournament will begin with the ball draw at 13:30 on the 6th of June. We are hoping to see you there.

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