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Down Arrow

 mental mechanics fc 

Creating a platform for young men to speak openly about mental health while being able to enjoy playing football together.


We are an Edinburgh amateur football club that plays in the Lothian and Edinburgh Amateur Football Association. The focus of the club is to create an environment where young men can speak openly about mental health whilst enjoying playing football with friends. They do not have to have a mental illness to join the team however they have to be willing to create an environment where they can allow their teammates or themselves, to speak freely about mental health. The club has been inspired by a loss of a close friend who died from suffering from depression. Since mental health amongst men in the UK is a stigmatized subject and sports is a way for men to express their emotions, we want to use this tool to channel men’s feelings. With the club, we can begin to change the perception of mental health. 

We have been raising money for the team which you can contribute to HERE. Once this target is reached, additional funding will go towards future seasons and a proportion will be donated to our supported charity; Calm

We hope to change the local communities and Scotlands perception of mental health amongst men. 



in loving memory of

charlie tull

The club has been inspired by the loss of a great friend, Charlie Tull. Our aim is to help young men in similar situations to Charlie. We hope that his laughter and fun personality will be represented throughout the club. 


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